Six Sales Hacks for Outside Sales

The first three years of my sales job I focused on efficiency. I figured that I couldn’t add more time to my day, so I started finding hacks to help me sell more. It worked, I became the top sales rep with the most amount of sales in company history… until last year.

A new guy joined the company and dethroned me. I was angry and spent the next few months grinding against him, but he kept beating me. I finally sucked up my pride and approached him. I was so impressed with the conversation that I canceled my day and decided to shadow him. Everyone thought I was crazy. This guy swooned every person he talked to, and this is how:

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Hack #1: Know your customer

If you want to make a successful sell, then you’ve got to know your audience. Yes, this is obvious, but there’s more to it. It’s not just about knowing what they want, but also about predicting how they want to hear the information. I’m talking personality here. I used the same tone and strategy for every customer, while this guy seemed to change his personality by the call. “What the hell are you doing?” I asked. He explained, “If they’re a slow talker, I match their speed. If they’re outspoken, I become a listener.” This guy tries to predict the personality that the customer enjoys.

Hack #2: Master the art of “upselling”

Another way this guy improved his sales was through the good ol’ “upsell.” See, clients call because they want/need something. Upselling is all about giving them what they want, complementing their decision, and then make them believe they need something to improve their purchase. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t know how to do it, then here are his four tips:

  • Establish a relationship of trust with the client. If your client trusts you, he/she will believe you when you tell them they need an additional product. A client that trusts a salesperson is a client that will be more easily persuaded into making another purchase
  • Begin by offering friendly suggestions instead of a pushy sales pitches. Don’t even mention the word sell. You need to target the problem first. Guide them through the thought process, so they understand the problem. If you notice a positive response, only then can you push the sale.
  • Only push services that the client really needs/wants. Again, if you know your client (hack #1), you’ll know exactly what to recommend. Try and stick to this margin, because pushing the wrong products or services may lead customers to close up. CODE RED. Avoid this at all costs.
  • Learn to accept ‘No’ for an answer. Yes, this is about being persuasive, but coming off as “annoying” may harm the sale. If you notice that your client really isn’t interested in buying anything else, then just leave it at that, and give him/her what they want.

Hack #3. Use proper tools

  • With all of the technological advances in sales efficiency, you can automate most of your tasks. What’s not to like about that? Keep in mind, however, that you need to maintain some sort of human/personal contact with your client. Make sure you’re automating the right tasks. These are some of the apps that we strongly recommend:
  • You Can Book Me: this calendar-scheduling tool helps you set meetings at the most convenient time. This amazing platform erases the need of asking whether a certain time works for the other person or not. Give it a try!
  • Slack: There’s no need to send emails to your coworkers. Instead, keep in touch via your personalized Slack channel. Keep communication quick with this instant messaging service. Talk about simplification
  • Momentum: as a Chrome extension, this tool will help you establish your priorities. Momentum shows you reminders, so you’ll never forget your tasks!
  • HubSpot Marketing: with the help of this tool, you’ll be notified when someone misses your e-mail or when they’re straight up ignoring you. It’s free and effective.
  • Foxclocks: with this system, you’ll be able to keep track of the time zones within your territory. It comes in handy if your traveling across time zones. Maybe you should avoid sending emails at 3 AM local time! Who’s going to see that? Probably no one.

Hack #4: Make your meeting shorter

If there’s something every salesperson knows, it’s that time is gold. What’s the point of devoting hours of your precious time to a client who won’t buy your product/service? It’s important that you shorten your calls, and with the spare time you have, maintain your schedule. This guy would preestablish the amount of time he’d talk to customers. By knowing he only had 20 minutes to talk, he cut his 45-minute spiel down to the essentials. Why? Because time matters!

Hack #5: Split your inbox and label your emails

I get a TON of emails every day. It’s my least favorite part of the job, and probably yours too. This guy blew through his email by splitting his inbox. He Categorized by lead. Even when this sounds like a bigger mess, it isn’t. Nothing goes unnoticed, and he has more control over things.

Hack #6: Don’t be afraid to wear your sales hat

Think of this: if you don’t sell, you won’t earn money. If you don’t make money, well… you know. If you really want to thrive and prosper, it’s time to wear your sales hat and to stop fearing the outcome. Gather up some courage; stop being afraid, and start selling! This guy spoke with confidence like I never heard before. So, even if you have to fake it, fake it until you make it. Studies show that sales decrease because of a lack of courage and an increase in stress levels. You have to come off as secure and confident.